I thought you and your team did a fantastic job so I hope we get a chance to do it again on this next one. The project has the potential to turn into a really nice film and shooting it in South Africa would be an added bonus for me.

Luis Gerard, Director

We had an utterly demanding shoot. Maybe my greatest challenge in commercials ever, plus it was my first in South Africa. So I was really worried. Little did I know The Shooting Gallery took over the production in a way that made everything look easy and effortless. They were effective, yet unobtrusive. I couldn't have been in better hands!

Wim Wenders, Director

Top producing - detailed, focused and 100% reliable, but topped off with a very heart-warming human touch and a great sense of humour!

Simone Koch, Partner at Bakery Films

Thanks again to Gavin for managing a great production, as usual one of the most pleasant shooting experiences worldwide. From beginning to the end you and your entire crew worked hard and were very supportive in every aspect. And not to forget, great fun too!

Pascal Bohlen, Executive Producer at Hochkantfilm, Munich

Thanks for the best and most professional shoot I ever had on Audi 'Fan' commercial with the crew from Shooting Gallery (1st of many years of working together).

Martin Schmid, Director, JO!Schmid, Berlin

As in the last years we appreciated a lot to work with you and your company. Even in the tough situations that sometimes come up in our business, there was always a solution that made everybody happy...

Michael Schmid, JO!Schmid, Berlin

The Shooting Gallery are always positive and take care of the people. They are well organised - things run smoothly. They do a great job!

Lorenzo Ulivieri, The Family Films, Milan

I always enjoy working with The Shooting Gallery. The people are incredibly nice, the crews are great, there are never any problems, and they respect our budgets. All you want from a good service production company!

Eva Custers, Producer at Caviar

I have made over a dozen films with The Shooting Gallery: some very complex and some with world-class directors. Their productions are a mixture of rare skills, style and imagination; an organisation with iron nerve, a tenacious grip and an unquenchable sense of humour. Shooting Gallery is quite simply one of the best.

Fred Turchetti, then Executive Producer at Filmmaster, Milan

...There’s one person I would like to mention in Cape Town. Her name is Claire Richards (owner of The Shooting Gallery) she is the most competent and extraordinary producer I have ever met in my career. Before joining Scout iT I line produced for Italian production companies and mostly abroad. With Claire, I have faced a good number of difficult projects but she never let me down, always with a positive attitude and a smile. She is a gift for whoever wants to shoot in South Africa.

Francesca Carapelli, Producer, Italy

This mail is to thank you for all, perfect job and organization. Every single thing worked perfectly and fast. I loved every single person. Thanks for everything.

Chicca, Fargofilm, Italy

I would like to extend to you and all the team involved on the Mauritius shoot for Raffaello the client’s compliments for everything you all did and to tell you that for the client the finished result was way beyond their expectations.

Fabio Fermeglia, NCN, Milan

The crew were solid, we finished on time and to schedule every day. The art director put huge amounts of effort into the project. We had to knock off about 60 different shots a day: Thank you to The Shooting Gallery in Cape Town.

Mark Toia, Director/DOP

The Shooting Gallery is my service company of choice when doing projects in South Africa. Their knowledge of making films and absolute dedication to the job ensures that the results are always fantastic. Pre-production work is very detailed and especially helps when pitching to agencies. The response to briefs are accurate, and I always get something extra. I enjoy the honest attitude they have about production so that I know where I stand at any time during the project.

Lupo, Head Of Production, BRW

We had to shoot 3 commercials for a big campaign. About 75 shots in 3 days, challenging "in camera" sfx, difficult cast, tight budget. The job needed a detailed and reliable prepro, much recce and testing, a superb crew and a good spirit. The Shooting Gallery delivered all that, made our stay successful and the commercials fun to watch. On top of that the personal, human touch of the production crew makes it more than likely to come back.

Dominik Meis at Markenfilm

During the last years, I had the chance to work on several projects with The Shooting Gallery. It was always a highly professional co-operation without any problems in timing or budget. The Shooting Gallery is highly competitive and most important is it always good fun to work with the people of The Shooting Gallery. I'm very much looking forward to the next projects with "my" team in South Africa.

Christian Schalthofer, Executive Producer at Twenty 4 Frames, Dusseldorf